When buying a new construction home, you should always have a Realtor® to represent your best interest.  The builder’s contractor that has been written by the builder’s attorney for the benefit of the builder, not the buyer.  You need a Realtor® that can help you understand that contract and knows your rights as a buyer.

You should have an experienced Realtor® that has worked with several builders in the area.  Your Realtor® should be familiar with what the upgrades are, what the different builders have to offer and how to deal with each builder.  They should be able to compare the different builders and show you differences in the construction and upgrades.

They will also know how to deal with problems; yes, problems come up when building.  Builders and contractors aren’t perfect, things happen and it’s to the builders benefit to correct these problems at minimum cost to them which would include no credit or compensation to the buyer.  Know your rights.  Homes are painted the wrong color, wrong floors and/or wrong cabinets are installed and in extreme cases foundations are hit with heavy equipment prior to the subfloor being in place on the home which can cause a lot of problems. 

You have the right to have an inspection and, in our area, you may want a radon inspection too.  Make sure you are represented.  The sales person will try to get you to sign documents while you are there.  Will probably tell you that you need to secure the lot.  Call your Realtor® prior to going into the new home developments.  Make sure you tell the sales person in the home that you have a Realtor®, register your Realtor® with the development, but do not negotiate without your Realtor®.  Do not sign a contract with your Realtor®. 

The builder pays the commission just like any seller.  The builder is not going to throw in or credit that back to you if you don’t have representation.  That money which is already figured into the cost of the home goes to their representation working in the sales office which is usually an employee of the builder, not a licensed Realtor®.  That commission which is free to you can save you thousands of dollars in the transaction by having proper representation.